CJ_BirchI’m a book nerd through and through. I grew up reading a weird mix of Terry Pratchett, dystopia and adventure novels. I have a morbid fascination with the downfall of the human species and have wished on several occasions that I could invent H.G. Well’s time machine and travel 800,000 years into the future to see how it all really turns out.

I love books that inspire and entertain me, books that make me think and laugh. I love Terry Pratchett’s humour and how he was able to satirize life in a world with wizards and flying carpets like a boss. I love Neil Gaiman’s darkness, John Green’s insight, Jasper Fforde’s imagination, David Mitchell’s prose and Sarah Water’s everything. If I could channel one tenth of these authors’ writing into mine I think I would die of happiness.

I’ve been writing for most of my life in some form or other, mostly short stories and articles, and was first published when I was 14, but the almighty novel eluded me until I finally discovered what works for me.

Sadly, writing novels is not a full time gig (yet), but I’m quite happy with my day job. I work as a video editor for television in Toronto.